1844 Lady Man Sampler

$12.00 (Hard Copy)

Stitch Count: 120w x 105h

Stitch Breakdown: 4612 full crosses, 2666 half crosses, 356 petite stitches (one over one), 18 Mill Hill beads

Fabric: 28ct Milk & Honey linen from Fiber on a Whim

DMC: 33, 422, 498, 666, 738, 779, 782, 818, 831, 844, 869, 924, 938, 3033, 3328, 3362, 3364, 3371, 3776, 3777, 3821, Ecru One skein of each color will be sufficient.

Mill Hill: 00221 Bronze Size 11/0 Beads

          I have been working on this sampler for almost two years and I’m so excited to finally bring it to you. This is a faithful reproduction of an antique sampler that I purchased in 2019. The original is stitched on linen with wool threads. From the wildly colored butterflies to the tiny sun to Lady Man himself, I knew this sampler had to be reproduced. Nothing is known about the stitcher, but I imagine her as the little sister of Lady Man and she’s doing everything she can to bring him down a notch or two with needle and thread.

Model stitching: This model could not have been stitched by anyone other than Kyle Rekemeyer. Thank you my friend.

Frame: from Studio Decor available for purchase at Michael’s