I have had a love of needlework since I stitched on my first pillowcase under my grandma’s watchful eye at age six (it was the 80s). Since college, I’ve been an avid cross stitcher and have recently taken the plunge into design.

Designing allows me not only to experience this community in a new way but also to share some of the ideas rattling around in my head. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a good justification for my constant stream of antique cross stitch purchases either.

I hope you enjoy my special kind of primsical stitching and I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me.



Speaking of adventures, none of mine would be complete without my IT Department, COO, and best friend. Wade is the mastermind behind the constant improvements on our Flosstube channel, as he’s never met a setting that he doesn’t like to tinker with. Also look for his special touches, from spiders to color choices, in many of the Bendy Stitchy Designs.