Friendship Sampler

STITCH COUNT: 180w x 167h

FABRIC: 40ct Cedar Plank from Lakeside Linens

FABRIC FOR DRUM: 40ct Vintage Flagstone from Lakeside Linens

FLOSS FOR DRUM: NPI silks: 704, 903
Gloriana Silks: Pacific Blue, Blue Heron, Olallieberry, Pacific Blue Dark, Inca Gold, Antique Black, Thistle Green, Jersey Shore, Wooly Bear, Cotswold
Pink, and Highland Garden Dark

FLOSS FOR FRAMED SAMPLER: WEEKS DYE WORKS: Navy, Taffeta, Glacial Melt, Seaweed, Charlotte’s Pink, THE GENTLE ART: Cast Iron Skillet, Summer Shower, CLASSIC COLORWORKS: Sunkissed, Antique Lace, Ye Olde Gold, Caterpillar, Gingerbread (DMC EQUIVALENTS: 28, 167, 310, 334, 436, 520, 938, 3354, 3750, 3774, 3841, B5200)


Friendship Sampler is designed by Jeannine McGowan of The Blue Flower and myself as a 2020 Nashville Market release. We first chose the saying and brainstormed a general feel for the piece. Then each of us designed half of the sampler (Jeannine designed the top half, I did the bottom half), we smushed them together (it took longer than it sounds like it may have!), et voila! This pattern is offered in Gloriana and NPI Silks, overdyed cottons, and DMC.


Friendship Sampler Cover
Drum 1
Drum 2