Hilde Goes Camping

Hilde Goes Camping

$8.00 (hard Copy)

Stitch Count: 82w x 61h

Fiberlicious Yummy Fibers Silks (bottom picture):
Woods Witch, Red Bordeaux, Fossil,
Creamsicle, and Bronze Olive


Dinky Dyes Silks (top picture): Sea Grass, Berry Pie,
Maui Sunset, Cobar, Black Coral, Stormy Sky,
Lemon Sherbet, Wallaby Grass

Fabric: 36ct Saltbush linen
from Fox & Rabbit Designs

When Hilde goes camping with her Crypid friend
the Chupacabra, or, as she calls him, Little Chup Chup,
scary stories around the campfire ensue!