Vase From Thrace

Vase from Thrace

$10.00 (hard copy)

Stitch Count: 98w x 107h

Dinky Dyes (DMC): Banksia (726), Billabong (826), Black Coral (310), Coral Lagoon (799), Kuranda (501/935), Nashi (372), Pink Tourmaline (601), Rose Bay (3802), Vintage Plum (3835/3836), and Wallaby Grass (3364)

Gloriana (DMC): Purple Night Sky (333)

Rainbow Gallery: Petite Treasure Braid PH03 Yellow Gold

Fabric: 36ct Wren linen from Picture this Plus

The cover model is stitched in Dinky Dyes and Gloriana Silks with Petite Treasure Braid accents. Please know that DMC equivalents are approximate and will not give the same colors.

Thank you to my friend Janell Stoeger for her beautiful model stitching.

Finishing by: Jolyn Buhl at Acorns & Threads