Acorns & Threads Exclusive Release

Bendy Stitchy Designs No. 11 ~ Trimming the Tree

This fall, Jeannine at Acorns & Threads was kind enough to ask me to design the featured pattern at Fall Fling, the Acorns’ fall retreat. I DEFINITELY squealed. The inspiration was “snowman” and this cute little design is what I came up with!

The design was, of course, free to all attendees at Fall Fling. And JoLyn taught everyone how create this beautiful finish. Also, there were SO MANY Flosstubers at Fall Fling! And they were kind enough to show my little snowman on the Flosstubes! Thank you to each and every one of them, along with everyone who messaged me anywhere with an “it’s so cute!” message; those messages made my day.

As well all know, Flosstube is the BEST place for being enabled. And so, to my surprise, I got a few messages asking where people could purchase the pattern. Well, the wait is over!! Acorns & Threads now has this chart available for purchase!! You will ONLY find it at Acorns but they will send it to you wherever you are!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH to Jeannine and co for being a constant positive force in the cross stitch community over all and in my little world specifically. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

Call the shop to order: 503-292-4457

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